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Brawls reported among large gatherings of juveniles in downtown Casper

(File Photo; Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper Police Department have received reports of juveniles fighting in downtown Casper the last two Thursdays, according to Casper PD Public Information Officer Rebekah Ladd.

Discussion of the reports of fighting came up at a Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, July 15. David Street Station Operations Manager Jackie Landess said that she observed a gathering of about 150-200 teenagers congregated at DSS the last two Thursdays.

Ladd said that police received a report that about 20 juveniles were fighting at David Street Station on Thursday, July 9. She said that when officers arrived, they witnessed about 100 apparent juveniles gathered in the area, but they were not fighting.

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“Specifically to this last week, by the time we were called, the majority of juveniles had left, or quickly dispersed upon our arrival,” Ladd explained. “The one person we spoke to that had been involved declined to press charges.”

“We were unable to locate any of the others involved and were called back several times throughout the evening for reports of fights, but upon arrival the scene was dispersed.”

Ladd added that police also received a report of 4-5 juveniles fighting near the Yellowstone Garage on Thursday, July 2. Yellowstone Garage hosts “Rock the Block” events on Thursday evenings during the summer.

In that instance, Ladd said that officers were told that the juveniles had left by the time they arrived. She said the report to PD mentioned 4-5 juveniles fighting, but did not make mention of a larger gathering of juveniles in the area.

In the instance of the report of the approximately 20 juveniles fighting at David Street Station last Thursday, Ladd said that “it appeared to us as if the primary agitators quickly dispersed when officers arrived.” The rest of the juveniles gathered in the area were not observed fighting.

The larger group slowly left the area after a responding officer arrived. Ladd said that CPD did not disperse the crowd.

The Casper Police Department plan to have an increased presence downtown on Thursday, July 16, according to Ladd. Yellowstone Garage will be hosting another “Rock the Block” event beginning at 6 pm.

David Street Station also said on Tuesday that there has been recent vandalism on the property. They shared photos of wood paneling on the wall of the stage which appeared to have been damaged.

Damage to David Street Station reported via social media Tuesday, July 14. (David Street Station, Facebook)

“The biggest problem with that is it’s specialty wood we get out of Laramie,” DDA Executive Director Kevin Hawley told Oil City by phone on Tuesday. “It’s weathered Wyoming snow fence so it’s not like we can run up to Home Depot.” 

“There has been some minor stuff that goes on, people think it’s funny to break things.” 

Hawley added that there have previously been issues of vandalism in the bathrooms including broken hand dryers, lights and windows. He said that it is not just David Street Station which has apparently been dealing with vandalism.

“Over the weekend there was a rock thrown through the glass window of Commissary Mall on North Kimball, and talking with the police, they say they’ve had problems of youth causing problems,” Hawley said. “It’s a frustration for us.” 

“The city doesn’t roll through here and fix things, we’ll be out there fixing it.”