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One HD 59 State Rep candidate to begin temporary appointment Tuesday, July 28

House District 59 candidates David Carpenter, Kevin O’Hearn, and Leah Juarez. One of them will begin work early after county appointment July 28 to fill the seat vacated by Bunky Loucks. (Oil City News)

UPDATE: A previous version of this article stated that Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) would interview the candidates July 20. Due to scheduling conflicts with the Board and the candidates, the interviews will take place Tuesday, July 28.

CASPER, Wyo — While the Natrona County voters’ choice for Wyoming State House Representative 59 will not be known until the Primary Election August 18, one of the three candidates will be assuming the duties after Tuesday, July 28, for the remainder of the term expiring December 30, 2020.

Current candidates for HD 59 Leah Juarez, Dave Carpenter, and Kevin O’Hearn, were the only applicants to fill the seat left by Bunky Loucks, who resigned effective June 30, citing pressures on his business due to the coronavirus.

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The BOCC told Oil City News that the public interviews would begin at 2:00 p.m. on July 28 at the Natrona County Courthouse, and that the interviews would be streamed on the Natrona County government Youtube channel. After an executive session they will announce the appointment.

Per state Statute 22-18-111, the 3 candidates were interviewed by Natrona County Republican Party District 59 precinct members before forwarding the names to the state Republican Party. The state party then forwards the candidates to the county commissioners for interview and appointment.

There are no legislative sessions scheduled before the election, but House Speaker Steve Harshman said on Monday that a special legislative session could happen before autumn.

The candidates told Oil City News they were ready to start work early.

Dave Carpenter said,  “If it’s now, if it’s soon, I’m okay with that.”

Leah Juarez said, “I would be very thrilled for the opportunity to step in early and effect some change.” 

Kevin O’Hearn said he was “definitely” ready to start early, and that whoever was appointed would have a leg-up in the election.