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Casper physician says his experience with ‘business and science’ will reboot Wyo economy in Senate

From left: Loyd Tanner with grandson and Wyoming Senate District 28 candidate Dr. Ryan Jackson (Courtesy of Ryan Jackson)

CASPER, Wyo — Part of Dr. Ryan Jackson’s plan for rebooting the Wyoming economy involves taking care of workers and their families. “We shouldn’t get distracted with unrelated things until our people have been cared for,” he said wrote in a statement to Oil City News.

“I was very disappointed to see a bill killed this session which would have allowed fully-licensed psychologists from other states to provide telepsychology services in Wyoming,” Jackson wrote. “This year was the worst possible year for such a move.”

He added that  another bill to continue Wyoming’s participation in a multi-payer claims database was also killed. Jackson said it would have helped many businesses saved the state money on healthcare claims.

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Jackson is a trained medical physician born in Casper. He is CEO of Wyoming Business Coalition on Health and runs his own international medical consulting business businesses. He has master’s degrees in business and medical education and was the Dean of a medical school for over 8 years.

Jackson led medical relief efforts in several countries including Guatemala, Puerto Rico, and Haiti after the 2010 earthquake there. He said he’s also led non-profit organizations, is on the board of the Brain Injury Alliance of Wyoming and has testified for pro-life issues and on missing and murdered Indigenous women in the Wyoming legislature. He is endorsed by the NRA and the Wyoming Education Association.

“I have dealt with governments around the world and feel that my combined education and experience will help me to understand the complex issues we will be facing over the next few years as we struggle to get back on our feet,” Jackson said. 

Jackson said he would like to see more “unity and focus” in the state legislature, and that rebooting the economy will require cooperation beyond what he’s currently seeing. “We need people who understand business and science who can find that balance,” he said.

On cutting state expenditures, Jackson said he thinks each agency could become more efficient, but hopes that “we are able to preserve as much mental health and education funding as possible so that we can be better prepared for future challenges.”

To generate revenue, Jackson said Wyoming should focus on rare-earth metals and try to draw in emerging industries like internet-based firms and warehouses.

Jackson said he is running for Wyoming Senate because there are issues affecting businesses, healthcare and other aspects of daily life that can only be dealt with at the level of the state legislature. 

“I would like to see more unity and focus as we try to work together to overcome the greatest challenges of the past 80 years,” he wrote.

More information is available on Jackson’s campaign website.