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‘Street Outlaws’ hear support from Casper to shoot on Amoco Road

A location manager for the “Street Outlaws” television show addresses the Casper City Council on Tuesday, July 28. (City of Casper, Youtube)

CASPER, Wyo. — Casper City Manager Carter Napier explained on Tuesday, July 28 that a production company working on the television show “Street Outlaws” for the Discovery Channel have approached the city about possibly using Amoco Road to shoot new episodes of the show.

Pilgrim Studios produce the show and filmed episodes in Natrona County during the first three weeks of July. Visit Casper CEO and Natrona County Commissioner Brook Kaufman said in an email to Oil City on Monday that the shoot generated an estimated $1.8 million for the local economy.

Napier told the city council during their work session that the television shoot would likely take place starting in about ten days. He added that he was “thrilled to hear they may want to be in our community for potentially three more weeks.”

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The city council indicated that they support the city entering into an agreement with the production company to allow the television shoot to move forward.

The city would be asked to provide some services to facilitate the television shoot, including police, stand-by fire services and street closure services, according to Napier. He added that the city may be tasked with resurfacing Amoco Road to accommodate the activity of the show.

The production company has committed to reimbursing the city for such services so that taxpayers wouldn’t face a burden from the television shoot, Napier said.

One concern the city would work to address would be noise concerns for people in the area. Napier said the shooting would occur in the late night and early morning hours. He said that if the city moves forward with the project, they would work to make neighbors aware of the shoot and would also encourage the shooting to occur toward the end of Amoco Road near the landfill to stay further away from residential areas.

Councilman Bob Hopkins suggested using bales to build sound barriers to help minimize noise impacts. Napier added that the city may organize a community meeting to discuss the noise impacts before the shoot.

Mayor Steve Freel said that Amoco Road is not a major thoroughfare so the request wouldn’t necessarily disrupt traffic. He added that the Casper Speedway is nearby so anyone living in the area is used to automotive noises. Freel said he initially had some concerns about noise impacts for Bar Nunn, but that he had received communication form the mayor of Bar Nunn in support of the television shoot.

He added that the television shoot would offset impacts from the cancellation of the College National Finals Rodeo due to COVID-19 this summer.

“I appreciate the fact you guys are here,” Freel said, addressing a location manager for Pilgrim Studios who attended the council’s meeting.

The location manager told the council that “Street Outlaws” is just one of a number of productions the company works on.

“We may want to shoot here again in the spring,” he said. “We pay for everything, we don’t expect anything except the cooperation.”

Councilman Ken Bates asked whether the production company could accommodate a public viewing area during the shoot.

The Pilgrim Studios representative said that COVID-19 concerns as well as general liability made it difficult to accommodate such a request. He added that there were some secrecy concerns so that details of the show aren’t leaked before the episodes air on television.

“The most we would shoot would be 12 days over a 3.5 week period,” he added. “The most would be four days, but we try to do three days a week. Unfortunately, it would be hard to have the public there.”

If you would like to contact members of the Casper City Council regarding this or any other issue, here is their contact information:

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