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‘Rock the Block’ set to go while nearby David Street Station closes over safety concerns

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Yellowstone Garage said on Wednesday that “Rock the Block” is set to begin at 6 pm Thursday, Aug. 6 with live music by Mastermind of Monkey.

Yellowstone Garage provided an update “in light of recent events that have taken place at David Street Station.” Yellowstone Garage is located at 355 West Yellowstone, about a block away from David Street Station.

The Downtown Development Authority of Casper has announced the closure of the popular David Street Station community gathering place on Thursday nights, following reports of fights.

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David Street Station is operated and maintained by the Downtown Development Authority as a private facility. 

“Unfortunately, due to the recent events that have compromised the safety of our staff and patrons, we will be closing at 4:00 pm on Thursdays until further notice,” an announcement sent to media said Monday.

Brawls were reported in the David Street Station area in mid-July, when Casper Police officials spoke with Oil City news about the incident.

Yellowstone Garage say they have not been experiencing such problems at their Thursday night “Rock the Block” events.

“It is a block down from David St. Station but our events are completely separate from what goes on down there,” Yellowstone Garage said. “We have not had any issues at ‘Rock the Block,’ and want everyone to know that we take the safety of our customers seriously.”

“We always provide security during Rock the Block and hope to continue to provide a safe and fun place to be on Thursdays. See you all this Thursday (8/6) for live music with Mastermind of Monkey.”

While David Street Station will close all amenities and walkways on Thursday nights, the facility will reopen at 10 am Friday mornings.

“We will also have an increased Casper Police Department presence throughout the week,” the DDA announced in their David Street Station closure announcement. “We ask that you please be respectful of our staff and facility rules. Those found not abiding by the rules will be trespassed and have the potential to be cited.”