Survey: Wyomingites approve of Gordon and local officials’ handling of COVID over Trump’s

Governor Mark Gordon takes off his mask at a June 8, 2020 Media Briefing (courtesy of Wyoming PBS YouTube)

CASPER, Wyo. — A September “WyoSpeaks” survey found that most Wyomingites approve of the way Governor Mark Gordon and local government health officials are handling COVID-19.

Both Gordon and local government and health officials saw higher approval ratings than both President Donald Trump and the United States Congress.

September approval ratings in the University of Wyoming’s Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center survey were as follows:

  • Governor Mark Gordon: 67% approve
  • Local government and health officials: 63% approve
  • President Donald Trump: 56% approve
  • U.S. Congress: 76% disapprove

While the survey indicates that Wyomingites support their local leaders over national leaders, both Gordon and local government and health officials saw some decline in the level of support for how they are handling the virus since the August WyoSpeaks survey.

Gordon’s support rating dipped 2% while local government and health officials saw a 3% decline in support. Trump’s approval rating, on the other hand, climbed 4%.

The U.S. Congress saw their disapproval remain steady with 76% of respondents indicating disapproval of their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in both the Aug. 10 and Sept. 8 surveys.

The survey was sent to 1,388 WyoSpeaks panel members and 503 responded. Respondents included people in age brackets ranging from 18-24 all the way up to the highest age bracket of 75+ and included responses from people in each Wyoming county.

The WyoSpeaks survey has queried people about their approval ratings of how officials have handled the COVID-19 pandemic since March. Results on this question in the survey are as follows:

The survey also asked a number of other questions. Oil City will provide further reporting on those results. Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center research can be accessed online.