A rendering of the alternative in plan for the Mills riverfront development design (render by Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates)

CASPER, Wyo — A draft of the Mills Main Street Corridor Study is now available for review and comment, the Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Town of Mills announced Monday, Nov. 9.

A feasibility study began in 2016 to revitalize the underused riverfront property along SW Wyoming Boulevard near Fort Caspar and transform it into Mills’s “new Main Street”, in the words of assistant town planner and House 59 Rep Kevin O’Hearn.

The study provides improvement recommendations and redesign concepts “with the objectives of enhancing connectivity, safety, place-making, and economic opportunity,” the release said. 

“We received a great response through public surveys throughout the spring and summer regarding the Mills Main Street Corridor Study which shows that many people are interested and passionate about this project,” said Mills Community Development Director, Sabrina Foreman. 

Lighting and enhanced landscaping was seen as key to improving the corridor, the survey found. 78.6% of respondents said they favored improved lighting and 73% were in favor of the landscaping.

Improved river access, improved walkability of sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and pedestrian-activated crosswalks were also desired by respondents.

In August, key comments from stakeholders (realtors, businesses, and developers)  “highlighted a desire for corridor improvements to not impede traffic movement, especially for larger trucks.” Safety and placement of proposed landscaping medians were also concerns.

“As buildout of the riverfront parcel occurs, additions such as a pedestrian
bridge crossing the river to Fort Caspar should be considered to increase regional trail connectivity as well as lending to the site as a regional destination,” the study said.

A “modern industrial feel with some historic elements” was the favored design plan for the corridor, the study found.

The Casper Area MPO, in accordance with its Public Participation Plan, releases all draft studies and plans for public comment and review before completing any project, the MPO said. The Casper Area MPO includes the City of Casper, Towns of Bar Nunn, Evansville, Mills, and portions of Natrona County. 

“The Casper Area MPO has worked very diligently with Mills to ensure a great finished product. We hope to hear many public comments on the final draft report,” the MPO’s release said.

Copies of the preliminary report can be viewed at:

• Mills Town Hall – 704 4th St

• Mills Municipal Library – 425 Morgan Ave

The plan is also available on the MPO’s website.

Comments should be directed to Renee Hardy with the Casper Area MPO rhardy@casperwy.gov The Casper Area MPO will accept comments through December 8, 2020.