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Casper City Hall exterior redesign plans advance to city manager

Casper City Hall (Brendan LaChance, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo — Casper city planners got a look at a pair of concepts for the exterior-phase redesign of Casper City Hall Monday, March 1. Stateline No. 7 architect Lyle Murtha and Matt Fridell of Tallgrass Landscape Architecture gave the presentation.

The current City Hall building was constructed in 1978, and the city has identified the need for major upgrades to the fire suppression and HVAC systems, as well as upgrades to come into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Monday’s presentation was limited to the exterior redesign. Beyond aesthetics, Assistant to the city manager Jolene Martinez said proposed landscaping and exterior features address critical concerns with security and vulnerability identified by the Casper Police Department.

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The designs add circular drive on A street, enhancing access and emphasizing the south doors as the primary entrance. The designs overhaul landscaping features on the east lawn and incorporates new paths for accessing the south entrance from both the north and south end of the block.

Each design accentuates the existing architecture in a particular way, one with curvature and one with intersecting lines.

The city managers present Monday eventually favored one, but Zulima Lopez, the city’s risk manager, said there would be “no consensus” until City Manager Cartier Napier and the City Council had a chance to review them.

The exterior overhaul also includes updated surveillance and repairs to light poles.

Each concept would cost about about $256,000, money that been earmarked in the city’s budget last spring.  

Martinez estimated that the council and city manager would approve a final design by next week, with the engineering and construction firms in place by July. Martinez said the work should be completed sometime in the fall.