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Evolution or environment? Werner Wildlife talk examines feather structures

Torrent Duck foraging in the river (Shutterstock)

CASPER, Wyo — Casper College biology instructor Luis Alberto Alza-León will present “Can Feather Structure Vary Between Different Climatic Conditions” during April’s Werner Wildlife Museum Study Series Thursday, April 15, CC announced this week.

“Torrent duck down feather structure differs significantly between low- and high-altitude resident individuals in two Peruvian Andean river valleys,” said Alza León. “I will discuss these differences and why they occur,” Alza-León said.

His research suggests that the structure of the innermost, insulative layer of plumage in a single species may be a “plastic” response to the environment, and not merely determined by evolution.

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The April 15 presentation will be at 7:00 pm, and accessible on Zoom.  All programs held at the Werner will appear via Zoom until further notice.

Attendees may access links to each program via the museum’s Facebook page or by requesting a link via email from India Hayford, museum assistant, at indiahayford@caspercollege.edu.

In addition to his teaching duties at Casper College, Alza León is a board member of Murie Audubon Society and an associate researcher at CORBIDI, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to develop foundations that support biodiversity conservation, according to Casper College.