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Governor Gordon signs 10 bills into law Monday

Wyomings Governor Mark Gordon (YouTube, Wyoming PBS)

CAPER, Wyo —Governor Mark Gordon signed 10 following bills into law Monday, April 12, according to a release from his office. 

The Governor signed the following bills into law:

SF0141SEA0071Business entities-representation in detainer cases.
SF0121SEA0075State funds – investments and distributions.
HB0136HEA0081Inclusive ballot language.
HB0231HEA0083College credit retention.
HB0219HEA0084Investment funds committee-membership.
HB0244HEA0085State investment administration.
HB0253HEA0089Higher education-ban on funding for abortions.
HB0159HEA0091Liquor manufacturer regulations.
HB0254HEA0094Transportation computer system.
HB0092HEA0095Revisor’s bill.