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Woodworker’s Supply consolidates, closing Casper location

Casper’s Woodworker’s Supply location opened in 1990. The company announced recently it is consolidating operations at its home base in Albuquerque, NM, and will close the Casper store. (Google)

CASPER, Wyo. – Casper’s Woodworker’s Supply location is closing after more than three decades in business.

“We’re exiting the location, reluctantly and sadly, but unfortunately having to do so,” said Brian Montemagni, who is currently in Casper facilitating the closure.

Between 12 and 15 employees will lose their jobs, he said, adding the closure was a “tough decision” in response to changing market forces.

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“We love Casper, it’s a great place to work and to do all these things,” he said. “All of our employees who work for us, I think the average tenure is over 20 years.”

Montemagni says the Casper location will likely close sometime next month after stock is depleted. Much of the stock has already been moved to the Albuquerque location, he said.

Woodworker’s Supply was first opened in Albuquerque, NM, by the Wirth family in 1972. Casper’s location opened in 1990, said Montemagni, and produced a lot of the research and development the company marketed in its locations.

More recently, most retail sales have moved online, and many of the woodworking specialty products the Casper location produced are now sourced elsewhere.

He said interest in woodworking in general has waned over the years as fewer people take up the trade and hobby, and more people buy cheaper mass market items.

“IKEA has made it way too easy to buy a disposable piece of furniture,” he said.

Montemagni says Woodworker’s Supply is still doing robust business out of its Albuquerque location, particularly online, but they have been forced to follow market forces by closing the Casper location, as well as a location in Graham, NC.

“We’re adapting and in the process of doing that, we just have to consolidate so we can grow into what’s next,” he said.