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Evansville establishes urban agricultural zones with eye toward possible annexations


CASPER, Wyo —The Evansville Town Council approved changes to the town’s zoning regulations on a third and final reading at their regular meeting Monday, May 24.

The ordinance established two new agricultural zones in the town in anticipation of possible annexations of nearby county properties, according to comments by Town Planner Scott Radden told the council March 8.

The ordinance also updates definitions of mobile homes, brings regulations in line with county standards, and removes a prohibition on mobile homes older than 20 years from being moved into the town.

Radden told the council in March that it would be prudent to establish Urban Agricultural (UA) and Urban Agricultural Residential Zones (UR) to accommodate the use of agricultural-based properties adjacent to the town ahead of possible future annexation.

Radden said annexations would benefit both the nearby county properties and the town of Evansville, as the town would receive more tax dollars and the county areas would end up receiving more services and savings in water and tax collection.

The UA zone establishes and preserves areas for semi-rural, low density residential, and related or compatible uses.” 

“It is also the intent to provide within this zone an adequate amount of space for livestock and poultry, as is essential,” the meeting packet states.

Permitted use in a UA zone includes structures for:

  • the keeping and raising of food animals and pleasure animals
  • the cultivation of gardens, orchards, and crops
  • bed and breakfast
  • neighborhood assembly
  • parks, playground,  golf courses, and other recreational facilities
  • church
  • Conditional permitted uses would include:
  • mortuaries
  • kennels
  • riding academies and stables

The stated purpose of an Urban Agricultural Residential Zone is to “establish and preserve areas for semi-rural, low density residential, and related or compatible uses” within the municipality. No business use is allowed.

Permitted UR uses include:

  • conventional homes with accessory use (including home occupations)
  • family child care homes
  • parochial or independent schools
  • parks, playground,  golf courses, and other recreational facilities

Conditional uses include manufactured home parks, personal service shops, and public utility and public service installations and facilities (excluding business offices and repair/storage facilities)