Design of a new bouldering park to be installed at Crossroads Park in Casper. (Via Casper City Council's June 15 work packet)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Rotary Club of Casper are donating a new “Bouldering Park” to the City of Casper.

The Casper City Council approved a donation agreement with the Rotary Club during their Tuesday, June 15 meeting.

The park will be installed at Crossroads Park, where the Rotary Club has also built an Adventure Park space for kids to play.

The Rotary Club will be responsible for replacing the climbing holds at the new park after it is installed and for arranging routes. City staff say the Rotary Club will have USA Climbing certified route-setters arrange and place the holds and routes.

The city will be responsible for daily maintenance of the bouldering park, such as picking up litter, mowing and removing graffiti. City staff will also be responsible for safety inspections.

The city says the park has been approved by the city’s insurance provider, the Wyoming Association of Risk Management and by the city’s engineering division.

The council’s approval of the agreement will allow construction to move forward which is expected to begin immediately, according to city staff. Further details are available in the city council’s work packet.