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Two injured in I-25 crash extracted by Casper firefighters using ‘jaws of life’


CASPER, Wyo. — A crash near milepost 188 on Interstate 25 on Thursday, July 29 resulted in two occupants of a vehicle involved in the crash becoming stuck inside.

Casper Fire-EMS Department Engineer and Public Information Officer Dane Andersen said in a morning briefing Friday that firefighters responding to the scene used what are commonly known as the “jaws of life” to help extract the individuals from the vehicle.

Both were transported to the Wyoming Medical Center for injuries sustained in the crash. Andersen said that he didn’t have further information about the condition of either patient.

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He explained that what people may commonly refer to as the “jaws of life” are simply referred to as extraction tools by the fire department.

These are “cutters and spreaders and the other hydraulically powered extrication tools that we use to basically cut apart a car safely around an injured victim,” Andersen said.

The vehicle crash was among 30 total calls for emergency service that Casper Fire-EMS Department’s B Platoon responded to on Thursday, according to Andersen.

B Platoon was also busy overnight Thursday from responding to possible lightning strikes associated with the lightning storm that hit Casper. Andersen added that C Platoon, which began its 48-hour shift on Friday morning, was also kept busy.

He said that with more rain in the forecast, people should avoid going into any areas that experience flash flooding.

“Turn around, don’t drown; find a different route there,” he said.

When flooding occurs, there is no way to accurately gauge how deep the water is, how fast it may be moving and whether any objects are lurking under the surface.

“Just don’t drive through it, don’t walk though it, [and] don’t go and play with it because it is just such a dynamic situation with so many unknown variables that you can encounter. If you were to enter that body of water … you can find yourself in trouble really quick,” Andersen said.

Andersen noted that in addition to responding to emergency calls on Thursday, B Platoon conducted some training and also installed a car seat for a citizen in Casper.

The Friday morning briefing can be accessed via the City of Casper Fire-EMS Department Facebook page: