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VIDEO: Anderson loves e-scooters’ arrival in Casper, wants to see downtown one-ways converted

Casper City Council candidate Jacqueline Anderson (City of Casper, Youtube)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council began to interview nine candidates to fill a vacant Ward 1 seat at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Each candidate is being asked to address the following questions:

  • Explain why you want to serve on the city council.
  • Describe your qualifications and how they will benefit the City of Casper.
  • How have you been following the council’s activity lately? Please explain the current issues that the city council is facing at this time.
  • Are you willing to run for re-election in 2022?
  • Tell us about your availability to serve the time commitments of council meetings and board meeting throughout the week and the month.

Candidate Jacqueline Anderson, a former city council member, brought three roses to her interview in honor of former council members she served with.

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Anderson said that former council members referred to Kathleen Dixon as “the bulldog.”

“She was my mentor,” Anderson said. “She was grace and strength in motion.”

Anderson said that fellow former Council member Barb Watters invited her to her first Jewish Passover Seder.

She said that Mildred Lamb was a person she learned multiple values from.

“How I love Millie … so many battles we fought,” Anderson said. “She was the one that taught me patience, perseverance and grace.”

Anderson said that she joined the council in 2000 and that she has seen the fruits of previous councils’ work blossom over the years. She said that when she joined council, development on the east side of town out to Hat Six Road “was just a blueprint” but that the east side has since seen extensive development.

She said she played a part in additions at the Casper Family Aquatic Center and expansion of transit services in Casper. Anderson mentioned the work done at Three Crowns Golf Course as another example of something she worked on with previous councils.

Working to bring an agricultural research facility to Casper College was another item she highlighted during her interview.

Anderson said that prior to being elected to city council, she was elected president of the Merchant’s Association of Downtown Casper, where she worked to help revitalize the downtown.

She said that she also served on council when a compromise was made to move a Ten Commandments statue off of city property it used to be on to Monument Park near Nicolaysen Art Museum.

Anderson noted that she remembers what it was like to serve on council when the September 11, 2001 attacks happened and that she can empathize with the pressures current council members may feel from contemporary problems.

Anderson said that she has been following council discussions about e-scooters, which arrived in downtown Casper this month.

“I love the scooters, by the way,” she said.

Anderson has also been interested in council discussions about developments in the Old Yellowstone District.

She added that she would like to see downtown one-way streets converted back to two-ways, saying this is something council members supported 20 years ago.

“Yes, please, go ahead with changing those one ways back to two ways,” she said. “We have asked for that for 20 years.”

She also said she would like to see the Downtown Development Authority expand its boundaries to include more businesses. Additionally, she’d like to see Casper adopt an ally program between merchants and property owners, similar to a program in Fort Collins.

Anderson said she has a good relationship with City Manager Carter Napier, who was assistant city manager when she was serving.

Anderson said she is owner of the Cheese Barrel and has been a small business owner for almost 30 years.

“If you can own a business in Casper, you can open up anywhere,” Anderson said, adding that she thinks the city has great entrepreneurial spirit.

She said that she represents three generations of Casper natives, adding that her father worked for the Casper Fire-EMS Department and her mother worked at the Wyoming Medical Center as a registered nurse.

“I am a Casper girl. I have my footprints imprinted in a sidewalk in North Casper,” Anderson said. “My roots are here. My home is here. I raised my son here.”

The full list of the nine candidates for the vacant Ward 1 seat are as follows:

  • Dennis Rollins 
    • Independent film and television producer
  • Jacqueline Anderson
  • Kimberly Holloway
  • Zarryn Hinchen
    • Founder of Artemisia Dining
    • Butcher at Brattis Meat Market
    • Former kitchen consultant at Wyoming Food for Thought Project
    •  Application & Résumé
  • Wes Connell
    • Senior pastor at River of Life Church
    • Director of Cascade Coffee Shop
    • Owner of NeXus Design Group
    • Professional life coach 
    • Application & Résumé
  • David Hulshizer
  • Shannon O’Quinn
  • Jai-Ayla Quest
    • Program specialist for the Mass Violence and Atrocities Program at the Stanley Center for Peace and Security
    • Mother of three-year-old twins
    • Application & Résumé 
  • John Minchow
    • Employer listed as Rocky Mountain Power – Dave Johnston Power Plant
    • Application

Once the city council completes the interviews of the nine candidates, it will enter into an executive session and provisionally select a candidate to fill the vacancy. A formal vote to confirm this selection will take place on September 21.

The interim council member will be asked to serve from Sept. 21, 2021 to Jan. 3, 2023 — Lutz’s remaining term.

The new council member could run for election in November 2022 if they are interested in possibly keeping a seat on the council in 2023.

The city council’s work session as well as the special meeting for the candidate interviews can be streamed via the City of Casper’s YouTube channel: