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(Column) Rice: ‘Just Another Gal from Casper’ Intro

Kate Rice


…With opinions on movies, music, books, TV/Streaming shows and more.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about this chick’s thoughts?”

Well, here’s the thing. I can read media reviews from a thousand different sources, but more often than not, my interest stems not from the critics whose job it is to sway folks, but from chatting with my friends. It’s their passion that intrigues me enough to read that book, watch that movie or show. You get the picture — pun intended.

That’s what I’d like to do with this column. I’m not trying to convince you that the things I love or hate are gonna be things you’ll love or hate — but who knows?

I have pretty wide tastes, so even if you’re not interested in everything I write about, keep checking in. One minute, I might be listening to classic rock; the next, alt country. Confession? I have really, really, really varied tastes in music in particular, and although I’d like to deny it, I’ve been labeled a music snob by some of my friends.

I’m hoping that, after reading a few columns, y’all will weigh in with your own opinions. It’s okay, you can be honest. Preferably not brutally so, but I can take it. I think.

For instance, what I’m listening to right now is the roots rock duo of Larkin Poe. Think female-fronted southern rock and blues. Currently, these are the lyrics I’m absorbing:

“Don’t talk crooked, honey, walk the straight and narrow
My mama tried to teach me the rules
She said: “If Jesus himself keeps his eye upon the sparrow
Then surely he is watching you too”

 They deliver some pretty nifty covers, too, like “Black Betty,” “Nights in White Satin” and “Rockin’ in the Free World.” The song that really slammed me upside the head, though, is “Sometimes,” off Venom and Faith. It begins with vocals and clapping, layering in drums, tambourine, brass … I’m not much of a dancer, but this song makes me want to stand up and MOVE!

To form your own opinions about Larkin Poe, stream ‘em on Spotify, download a few songs or albums from iTunes, or keep it local with a visit to Casper’s own downtown Sonic Rainbow. And stay tuned for future entertainment (and hopefully entertaining!) columns.