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Fire district gives tips for citizens to help crews during winter storms

(Natrona County Fire District)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Natrona County Fire District gave a pair of tips in response to a citizen question about how they could assist their local fire department during winter storms.

“One of the topics we would like to see done, especially during winter storms, is to try and get hydrants cleared of snow,” NCFD said on social media.

Fire hydrants — and water sources in general — can become more sparse further away from town, and opening up space around hydrants can improve firefighter efficiency on fire scenes.

“Clearing away snow, or other debris, enough to be able to work around would be extremely helpful,” NCFD said.

The other tip NCFD gave is that people ensure that long driveways and homes are clearly marked with address numbers.

It is difficult for law, fire and EMS personnel to respond to an emergency scene when there are multiple homes in a small area and no address markers are posted, NCFD said.

“We asked that you post your address numbers in a visible spot from the road and that they be placed in an illuminated area or use reflective lettering if at all possible,” NCFD said “Some numbers may get weathered and disappear as time passes, so make sure there aren’t numbers missing where they are currently posted.”