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Wyo Opinions: Water pipeline was county’s responsibility, not taxpayers’

File; Midwest, Wyoming (Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City News)

Some Casper city leaders last week expressed disappointment that Natrona County rejected taking on a temporary sixth-cent sales and use tax to fund two infrastructure projects, one a replacement water line for the Salt Creek area, as well as the towns of Edgerton and Midwest.

Reader Gary Gasser sent Oil City News his assessment of situation. This letter has been lightly edited for punctuation.

Our county commissioners have known for twenty years that the waterline serving the towns of Midwest and Edgerton needed replacement.  Instead of planning for its implementation, they opted for stop gap repairs until those are no longer are effective.  

Now, facing the consequences of their poor planning, they try to guilt Natrona County residents to approve additional taxes to remedy their shortsightedness.  

Still the residents of those communities face the reality of life without a safe water supply.  The Salt Creek oilfield has paid billions in tax dollars in support of state and county over the years.  It is the county’s responsibility to provide essential services to its residents.  

I know it is not legal, but perhaps Midwest and Edgerton should use their tax dollars to construct a new pipeline much like a renter withholding their rent payment until a safe residence is provided.  Either way, our county commissioners have been derelict in their duties and should be held accountable!

Gary Gasser

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