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Family reports Bar Nunn assistant fire chief out of ICU, humor intact, after widowmaker heart attack

BNFD Assistant Chief Wes Gilmore (Bar Nunn Fire Department, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — Bar Nunn Assistant Chief Wesley “Wes” Gilmore has been moved out of intensive care and is tentatively walking the hospital halls after suffering a widowmaker heart attack last weekend.

According to a family update shared by the Bar Nunn Fire Department on social media Friday, Gilmore is feeling more comfortable being out of ICU.

“He still is a little brain fuzzy, but this should pass with time,” the update from family said. “He walked the halls a couple times, but was slightly irritated that the nurses walked with him.”

Gilmore suffered a few cracked ribs and sternum (a not-uncommon result of CPR), but these injuries are expected to heal.

“I got to talk to him today, and he said ‘I love you’ and that he was ready to go home,” the family update said. 

“I had to remind him that he doesn’t have pants. ‘But shorts would work,’ is what he told me. Glad to see his sense of humor is still here.” 

Gilmore has been with the Bar Nunn Fire Department for 20 years “and has a passion for helping others,” the agency said Tuesday. “He always steps up and puts people’s needs before his own. Please help us in praying for our courageous, dedicated, and hardworking brother.”