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Casper PD: Security measures in place for fun and festive downtown Christmas Parade

2019 Christmas Parade in downtown Casper. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City File)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper Police Department has security measures in place for the upcoming Christmas Parade in downtown Casper, which is scheduled to kick off after the annual “Community Christmas Tree” lighting event at David Street Station at 6 p.m. Saturday, November 27.

“Our department has taken all the steps we can, utilizing all of the resources available to us, to ensure our community will be safe and have an enjoyable time at this year’s event,” recently promoted Casper PD Lt. Jeff Bullard said in an email on Monday.

Oil City reached out to the Casper PD requesting information on security measures for Casper’s Christmas Parade in the wake of reports of an SUV speeding through barricades into a Christmas parade in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Sunday. For security reasons, Bullard declined to provide specifics on the Casper PD’s security plans for the parade in Casper, but reassured the community that security planning has been ongoing for months and will be in place for Saturday’s parade.

“I will say that our department utilizes all of our available resources to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the Christmas Parade,” Bullard said. “We plan in advance for several contingencies, and make specific plans to prevent incidents like the one that occurred in Wisconsin yesterday. Our department, as well as others, look at events such as what occurred  in Wisconsin as a learning ground for planning special events. Any lessons we can learn from the information available from this specific incident, and others, are applied to our special events operations in all of the planning and execution phases.”

“The incident in Wisconsin, as far as we can tell, is an isolated incident and there is no specific information leading us to believe there is any threat to our community, specifically in regards to our Christmas Parade.”

Bullard noted that the Casper PD encourages community members to be aware of their surroundings and “if they see something suspicious, please let someone know right away.”

With security measures in place, Bullard said he invites the community to come downtown and enjoy the parade on Saturday. The theme of Saturday’s Christmas parade is “Christmas at the Movies” and is being organized by the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce.

Bullard said that he has enjoyed working to help ensure safe Christmas parades in Casper in previous years and that he is looking forward to another fun and festive parade this year.

“We want everybody to have a safe and happy holiday,” Bullard said, reminding people to leave alcohol at home and that people who consume alcoholic beverages on parade day be sure to have a designated driver.