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Downtown Casper Christmas Parade offering reserved viewing area for citizens with disabilities

2019 downtown Christmas parade in Casper. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The upcoming Christmas Parade in downtown Casper will have a view area reserved for citizens with disabilities, the City of Casper said in a press release Tuesday.

This year’s parade theme is “Christmas at the Movies” and is being organized by the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce. Casper’s Council of People with Disabilities (CCPD) worked with parade planners to select the designated viewing area for people with disabilities.

The areas at the Natrona County Public Library in front of the “Prometheus” sculpture and across East Second Street in front of the Methodist Church are being reserved for people with disabilities during the Saturday, November 27 parade. The parade is set to kick off following the 6 p.m. annual Community Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at David Street Station.

The CCPD will be hosting a booth on the library side of the designated viewing area, with members set to hand out hot chocolate and offer citizens the chance to learn about the CCPD’s initiatives

“We are excited to be part of the Christmas celebration and parade this year,” CCPD Event Chair Nikki Green said. “We had such a great turnout at our designated viewing area at this summer’s Fair and Rodeo Parade that we wanted to provide a safe viewing opportunity again.”

“We are always looking for opportunities to connect with citizens in our community. We want residents to know they can share their views with our members about the City of Casper’s response to disability issues, and we will take comments back to City Council. A primary objective of CCPD is to improve public awareness about disabilities and promote equal access and equal opportunity to all.”

The CCPD is an advisory committee to the city council comprised of volunteers. In addition to learning more about the CCPD at the parade, people can obtain more information through the following means: