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The best of 2021 through Casper’s Instagram

Nicole Steinbech of Casper, Wyoming. Photo Courtesy Instagram.

CASPER, Wyo. — Throughout the year, Casper has been visited by people from all over the US and some of them have taken some beautiful photos of our city.

They have taken photos of things that we see every day but that we might not appreciate in the same way newcomers do.

Locals have also taken photos and made them come to life with a new vibrancy that we have never seen before. They have given a new beauty to the signs we walk by, the trails we hike, and the mountains we see.

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite showcases of Casper. Maybe you’ll be inspired to go visit these places and see them in a new way… or take photos and tag us in them!

Here are the top photos of Casper’s most scenic attractions. These photos showcase all the great things about living in Wyoming during 2021.

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Here’s to seeing Casper’s growth in 2021, and wishing you all an even better 2022.

Top Local Experience in Casper

@bucketlistjouney when she visited in Ocotber

Casper is full of events and things that we don’t even think about doing because we live here, but Annette White did not miss out on the experience of the West. All who visit Casper say the gem of Wyoming is at The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center. She experienced what it was like on the Oregon Trail and posted it on Instagram for all to see.

Let’s not forget the murals around Casper

@Thebldblog post in July of 2021

This lovely couple visited our murals! Who doesn’t love this Casper pride? They visited all the local spots, but one of their favorite things to see was this mural. Thank you, downtown Casper, for being so Instagram-worthy!

Don’t forget about the local shops that make Casper home

@sillilittlekiwi posted in September

If this isn’t a guide to the best ways to spend your days in Casper, I don’t know what is. Sillilittlekiwi’s Instagram praises Casper, Wyoming and all it has to offer. Next time you are looking for something to do, make sure you explore all that makes Wyoming fun!

Crazy Climbs

@wyoguides taking and climbing Fremont Canyon in May

You might be a Wyomingite if you’re into rock climbing. Out at Pathfinder there’s Fremont Canyon, which you can climb. Of course, we would suggest you use equipment and get trained, but it’s definitely a great way to spend an afternoon. You can even ice climb! All of this might be crazy, but are you willing to try? Casper has so much to offer, not to mention climb.

All trails lead to Casper

@nicole.in.wyo posted December 15

Casper is more than just the pretty pictures on Instagram and the trips here. It’s the place we live and grow. Nicole Steinbech has found her happy place in Casper, and I think she is speaking for all of us when she says that she doesn’t know who she’d be without Casper!

All photos courtesy Instagram.