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Casper-Natrona Health working to ensure safety during upcoming ART 321 ‘Immersive Installations’ show

Ismael Dominquez setting up “Pressure,” for the ART 321 Immersive Gallery installation (Greg Hirst, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper-Natrona County Health Department said in a press release Wednesday that it is working with ART 321 along with other city and county partners to ensure health safety and compliance at an upcoming installation show at ART 321.

ART 321 will be hosting an “Immersive Installations” show set to open with a reception on Tuesday, January 11. The show is expected to run through February 26.

Artists are filling ten temporary rooms built over the last week at ART 321 with a range of immersive visions, from the mellow and inviting to challenging and cynical. Some of the rooms will offer an “emotional escape and calming and meditative space,” according to ART 321 Director Tyler Cessor. Others will address “traumatic and unfortunate real-world problems” in ways that may be emotionally challenging to patrons.

One installation plans to incorporate the artist’s own blood, taking the trope of the “tortured artist” to a literal extreme.

The health department said on Wednesday that it had received numerous calls from the public regarding the installation and that it is working with ART 321 as well as Natrona County Attorney Eric Nelson and others to determine the best health and legal practices for the new exhibit.

“Right now, we’re researching, learning, reaching out,” CNCHD Executive Director Anna Kinder said. “We appreciate the public’s concern, and as a team we’re all trying to figure out the best path forward.”

Kinder added that updates will be provided to the public as more information regarding safety of the show becomes available.