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How does Casper compare to other towns in Wyoming?

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City File)

CASPER, Wyo. — Many of us from Wyoming have moved from place to place, living in all different cities and towns throughout our Cowboy State. Some of us have lived in Casper our whole lives and don’t ever plan to leave.

No matter which path brought you to Casper, Wyoming, we are glad you are here in the Oil City.

However, how about a little fun comparison between the different cities in Wyoming?

I have personally only lived in four towns: Casper, Laramie, a little in Cheyenne, and Sheridan. So, I can only speak for my experiences, but, I’d love to hear from you guys how Casper is superior to them all! (Okay, maybe I’ll also accept inferior answers, but know that I am going to disagree.)

Casper is where I grew up. No other town in Wyoming has the beautiful Platte River, Casper Mountain, and the small-city feel while still being a big city. Of course, Casper does feel like one of the windiest cities, but the scenery makes up for that.

Casper Mountain (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

Laramie, of course, has the University, it’s closer to Colorado (which can be a good or bad thing), and it does have the Snowy Range close by. It doesn’t have the same culture and mentality as Casper, though.

A photo January 1 of the outside of Arena-Auditorium on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie. (Briar Napier/Oil City News)

Cheyenne has a little too much hustle and bustle for my taste, but it does host the biggest rodeo in the U.S. every Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Oil City File Photo

From my experience in Sheridan, it’s definitely a beautiful town, made for people who love the outdoors. The Bighorn Mountains are just down the street, but they are still not as close as Casper Mountain.

Bridge in Sheridan (Tayler Stephenson, Oil City)

Have you lived in other towns, or even these same places and had different experiences? Send Oil City News what you love about Casper, and maybe even add in some pictures! We’ll compile a photo gallery of the best things in Casper centered around you!

If you are from somewhere and think that that city is still better than Casper, we’d still love to hear why. We are all ears for all things Wyoming.

You can send these to our email news@oilcity.news, or send us a chat in messenger over Facebook!