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Pianist Susan Stubson bringing ‘gems’ of local performance community to Sunday show mixing classical, jazz, and showtunes

Susan and Meade Stubson (courtesy Cathy Coddington Becker

CASPER, Wyo. — Classically trained pianist Susan Stubson has assembled a talented collection of friends and musicians for her variety ARTCORE performance Sunday afternoon at Highland Park Community Church.

The show will begin with “high art” and some classical Mozart, Stubson told Oil City, before unwinding through jazz and showtunes. Stubson said she’s also taking full advantage of the lighting, screens, and other production features at the Highland Park venue.

Her son Meade is bringing his jazz combo, including Kai Wolz, Justin Wicks, and “ringer” Dale Bohren on bass. Meade and Susan will play variations on standards together on piano, while also engaging in some playful call and response.

“He’s the jazz guy, I’m the uptight classical pianist, so we are meeting in the middle, which is a blast.”

(Courtesy Cathy Coddington Becker)

The show will also stage performers and Opera Wyoming vets Andrea Sipe, Morgan Dailey, and Matthew Stairs .

Proud to present Kai Wolz, Justin Wicks, and Meade Stubson, Susan proclaims this young group of musicians to be Next Gen All-Stars. In addition, Dale Bohren, Andrea Sipe, Morgan Dailey and Matthew Stairs will perform a jazz set during the concert. 

“There’s these precious gems in our community, talent-wise, that I think so many people don’t know about, so I’m really looking forward to introducing them to a whole new audience,” Stubson said.

Stubson, an attorney as well as a professional concert musician, said the show is a grand reemergence to the world of performance since the onset on the pandemic.

“It’s kind the evolution of what I’ve been doing the last two years, which is thinking about all sorts of repertoire and people I’d like to work with when we got back to normalcy.” 

  • Sunday, March 13
  • 4:00 p.m.
  • Highland Park Community Church (5725 Highland Drive)


  • General admission: $13
  • Seniors: $12
  • Students and teachers: $7
  • 12 and under: $5

Tickets can be found here, purchased at the event, or purchased at the outlets listed below:

  • The Bon Agency Insurance
  •  Express Printing
  • The Hill Music Company
  • Sonic Rainbow
Dale Bohren (Courtesy Cathy Coddington Becker)