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LGBTQ+ in Natrona County invited to consider participating in upcoming Waller Hall Research opportunities

(Waller Hall Research)

CASPER, Wyo. — Waller Hall Research is asking people who identify as LGBTQ+ who live in Natrona County to consider completing a screener in order to participate in a range of upcoming studies that the Greybull-based research firm will be conducting.

“By participating in important studies we can make a stronger case for a shared better future for our community in the state we call home,” Waller Hall Research President and CEO Jeff Henne said.

Waller Hall Research is part of the Henne Group, a market research company based in San Francisco. The research firm’s work with organizations in Wyoming includes work with Casper Pride, Wyoming Equality and state and county health agencies.

People who complete the screener may be invited to participate in online surveys or virtual focus groups. Research the firm has conducted includes studies related to public health, LGBTQ+ experience, social justice, and social responsibility, according to Waller Hall.

“If you qualify for one of our studies in the upcoming months, we will have one of our research coordinators reach out to you to see if you’d like to participate,” Waller Hall Research says.

“Community, county and state organizations can learn from you in making Wyoming the right place for everyone,” Waller Hall Research says.

(Waller Hall Research)