Tammara’s job training maintained core elements of Climb’s model developed over the past 35 years while innovating in new ways to provide services during the pandemic (Photo Courtesy Climb Wyoming)

CASPER, Wyo. — Happy Mother’s Day! While we only celebrate it once a year, our moms are moms every day of the year.

The joy of being a mom does not exclude them from hardships, but Climb Wyoming is there to help all mothers no matter where they are in life. 

Climb Wyoming is a nonprofit which helps low-income single mothers gain financial independence through job training and placements. The nonprofit has helped many mothers over the last 35 years, one of them being Tammara.

Tammara, a mother of three, graduated from Climb’s Medical Assistant training in Casper this year. Climb offered virtual groups and individual counseling, parenting classes, and mock interviews. The program also gave the participants the opportunity to practice hands-on skills, such as drawing blood and learning specialized medical software.

Climb Wyoming has helped tell Tammara’s story and give her the confidence and skills she needed. Tammara says, “I’m absolutely where I’m supposed to be because Climb was there for me this past year. … I’m so grateful that I have the job skills to help.”

Climb’s program model is built around positive reinforcement, so just hearing someone say “Yes, you can do this!” gave each mom the confidence to take new steps on her journey to meaningful employment.