Mills Eagle reinstalled over city 6/13/2022 (Gregory Hirst, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Mills’s iconic metal eagle, newly inspected and fully feathered, is once again flying over the city. After about two weeks in the care of Reeb Welding, it was reinstalled Monday, according to Mills officials.

The eagle lost three feathers on its right wing in the historic snowstorm in March 2021, and in fall 2021 was seen swaying in relentless winds.

The city had planned to reattach the feathers via bucket lift as soon as the weather cooperated last fall, but that window of opportunity never arrived.

The eagle was built over a decade ago and was on display in Montana until it was purchased and installed in Mills in 2018, Mills Mayor Seth Coleman told Oil City on Monday.

“We wanted it to be where it didn’t need any more maintenance for a decade or two,” Coleman said.

The eagle was taken down and transported to Reeb Welding for a complete checkup. The three missing feathers were reattached and the welding was inspected for integrity.

“I myself am really happy that it will be up for the Fourth of July and for Summerfest,” Coleman added.

Correction, June 14, 2022: A previous version of the story listed the welding company’s name as Reeds Welding. The company is actually Reeb Welding. The story has been corrected.