Levi and Jeremiah, whose stand had a safari theme. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Many young entrepreneurs opened for business Saturday outside of Sutherlands, competing for the best lemonade stand. Airean — whose all-American lemonade stand will donate some of its proceeds to veterans — won first place, securing an 8-inch smart tablet.

First-place winner Airean at his all-American stand. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

The Best Stand Contest began at 10 a.m. outside of Sutherlands Lumber and Home Improvement. Kids were not allowed to sell their products, only to display their stands for judgment. Stands will open completely on June 25, when the participants can sell their lemonade all over town.

Winston’s Sour Peddler stand, where he also sold sour candy, won second place. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

This is Casper’s eighth Lemonade Day, with more than 5,000 kids having registered over the years. The free community event, sponsored by Hilltop Bank, aims to teach kids how to start and run their own businesses.

Participants will keep 100% of the money they earn. They can average $100 in profit for the day, with more than $40,000 spent at the event by Casper citizens.

Kay and Ky at their stand, where they can add frozen fruit to their lemonade. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

Lemonade Day kicked off May 4 of this year at Hilltop Bank, allowing kids to register for the event. They were given backpacks full of information that helps guide them through the process of opening and running their own businesses.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the kids followed a 14-step process to get their stands up and running. The process included “budgeting, marketing, construction, research, developing a recipe, and tabulating business results.”

Landen and Creeden at their “Creeden and Cousins” stand. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

Sutherlands offered support for the event, giving a 10% discount to those purchasing lemonade stand materials as well as offering free pallets.

While the judges were deliberating, Belle, Moana, Batman and Wonder Woman engaged the kids. Belle and Moana both sang their signature songs, and Batman and Wonder Woman conducted some superhero training.

Batman and Wonder Woman ask kids what superpowers they’d want. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
Kids follow Wonder Woman’s example as they practice their hero skills. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)
Belle accompanies some kids as they stand in line for a chat with Batman and Wonder Woman. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)