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‘Lawnmower Fund’ meets goal in days to replace boys’ stolen mowers

Orion and Draco Roundtree on their way to 50 lawns mowed for free this summer. A fund has been established to help replace the stolen mowers (Courtesy)

CASPER, Wyo. — It took the community less than two days to raise the money to replace Draco and Orion Roundtree’s stolen lawnmowers, which they were using as part of a community service challenge. Their mission is to mow 50 lawns over the summer for elderly, disabled, and veteran community members, as part of the national Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service Campaign.

They were ready to mow lawn number 13 when their two Ryobi lawnmowers, valued at $300 each, went missing from their Evansville home Monday. The “Lawnmower Fund” established at Platte Valley Bank on Tuesday quickly reached $1,000. One donor gave $400, the boys’ father, Tim Roundtree, said. 

“You can stop funding us!” Tim said.

With the account’s excess funds, Tim said they are investing in safety glasses, ear protection and an upgraded weed-whacker, as the boys have sometimes tackled yards with grass that rivals them in height. Tim has also let donors know the surplus would go toward post-work soda or ice cream.

“For the community to show this level of support for this kind of action, you’re left speechless,” Tim said. He hopes the whole affair will inspire the boys’ peers to take on this or other service-minded challenges. The open-ended challenge can also extend to raking leaves in the fall and shoveling snow in the winter.

Tim said he may even use the Platte Valley account to launch a similar service-challenge campaign. 

Tim said he and his wife Kelsey encouraged their children to take on the challenge to instill the life skills of selfless giving.