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Natrona County commissioners resolve to change polling location for District 1 precinct

Natrona County Commissioners at their regular meeting July 19. (Sara Sammons/Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Natrona County’s commissioners approved a proposed change in polling place for the District 1 precinct at their regular meeting Tuesday.

With the resolution, District 1 will now use North Casper Elementary School, 1014 Glenarm St., as its polling location. The district’s former polling location was the Roosevelt Community Center.

County officials learned recently that they could not use the previous location anymore, and looked for solutions. Glenarm, previously North Casper Elementary School, is now occupied by Wyoming Food for Thought. The nonprofit gave the county permission to use the building as a polling location.

The change has been posted on multiple avenues, Clerk Tracy Good said at the meeting. Chairmen of each political party have been notified, and it has been published online in multiple places. A written notification was sent to registered voters in the district as well.

Document from the commissioners’ July 19 agenda. (Natrona County Commissioners)