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Boys & Girls Clubs summer camp kids learn money skills during ‘Financial Literacy Carnival’

Summer camp kids recently attended a "Financial Literacy Carnival." (BGCCW, Facebook)

CASPER, Wyo. — Kids participating in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming summer camp recently spent a week learning money management skills, the BGCCW said Thursday.

“We spent a week learning about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and other aspects of business as part of Junior Achievement,” the BGCCW said.

The learning culminated in a “Financial Literacy Carnival” in which people with various banks and credit unions taught kids some things about money. Lessons included things like:

  • Thinking about wants versus needs
  • How to count money and make change
  • The difference between income and gross income
  • Fixed expenses versus variable expenses

“The Financial Literacy Carnival reinforces the financial literacy concepts that they learned back at Club in a fun and hands-on way,” said Amanda Montes, an area director with the BGCCW.

All clubs attended the carnival and got the chance to meet kids from other clubs, the BGCCW said.

During the school year, the BGCCW hosts a financial literacy program known as WyoTowne that works with schools across the state and is geared toward fifth graders.