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Wellspring Health clinic offers free Plan B emergency contraception across Wyoming, other states


CASPER, Wyo. — Wellspring Health Access Clinic is offering free Plan B emergency contraception.

According to Wellspring founder and president Julie Burkhart, the supplies were donated to the clinics by a sponsor of Plan B.

“They reached out to us and asked if we would like to get a free supply of Plan B,” Burkhart said. Wellspring received more than 250 boxes of the medication.

The contraception is available to request at Wellspring’s website by email.

“They put in their name and address, and then we deliver the Plan B along with a sheet that explains how to take it and information about the medication, all free of charge,” she said. It’s available to anyone nationwide, but so far there has been notable interest in the medication from Wyoming residents.

Burkhart says Plan B is not an abortion pill or a form of birth control that can be taken regularly.

“If you happen to take it and you’re already pregnant, it’s not going to disrupt your pregnancy,” she said.

“This is only if there was some kind of accident, and a woman might think that she could have gotten pregnant at the time. It suppresses ovulation and does not provide any type of abortion care for a person,” she said. There is a 72-hour window after possible exposure to take the medication, she said.

Anyone interested in receiving the Plan B medication can email Wellspring through its website by clicking here.