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Mills to begin drainage repairs along Natrona Avenue

The City of Mills will soon begin drainage work along Natrona Avenue. (via Google Street View)

MILLS, Wyo. — The City of Mills will soon begin a project to improve drainage along Natrona Avenue after approving a contract with Installation and Service Company.

The work became necessary following a heavy rainfall last month in which Mills received 2 inches of rain in a 24-hour period, negatively impacting the road’s runoff.

“We discovered that the water from the nearby shopping center along Yellowstone Highway was all flowing to Natrona, plus the water that was coming from other parts of Oregon Trail,” Mills Mayor Seth Coleman said. “It was running over the sewer front and then spilling over the sidewalk.”

After the problem became apparent, the Mills Public Works Department advised the Mills City Council to install additional catch basins, which consist of a grate with a pipe used to drain excess water.

The city put out the call for bids and ultimately went with the lowest bidder, local company Installation and Service Company, for $17,000, Coleman said.

Work is expected to begin in the coming weeks. Coleman predicts it should not take long to complete once started.