(Photo courtesy of the Salvation Army)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Salvation Army recently received two grants totaling $12,000 that will help it continue its variety of programs, including the WYStepUp Program that helps reintegrate women into society after prison.

A $10,000 grant came from the Wyoming Community Foundation for general operating expenses and its many services, including its food pantry, rental and utility assistance, and WYStepUp Program.

Another $2,000 came in the form of a grant from the Wyoming Women’s Foundation, also going to the WYStepUp Program.

The program helps women just getting out of prison get back on their feet, giving them a place to temporarily live. The goal of the program is to help women find strength within themselves through life and spiritual development classes. It also helps women find work through online job training.

Salvation Army Major Trish Simeroth said the program is essential in Casper and Wyoming as a whole as the state struggles with recidivism — the likelihood that a criminal will reoffend after leaving incarceration — among women.

“We’re a nonprofit, so these sorts of grants are hugely important,” Salvation Army Captain Tim Simeroth added.