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Natrona County commissioners pledge $850,000 for repairs to Edgerton, Midwest water line

File; Midwest, Wyoming (Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — The line supplying water from Casper to Midwest and Edgerton has for years been in need of repairs, and on Tuesday the Natrona County Board of County Commissioners unanimously agreed to spend $850,000 to go toward those repairs.

The pipeline pumping in water to Midwest and Edgerton from the North Platter River is the area’s only source of drinkable water and is vital to residents, Midwest School and the oil companies and workers operating in the area.

Prior to 1997, the Town of Edgerton used to get water from a well, but that water was deemed unsafe to drink. The existing pipeline serving Midwest and Edgerton was installed in 1997 under an agreement with the Central Wyoming Regional Water System.

In recent years, corrosion became a major problem for long portions of the piping, which led to pitting of the concrete and eventually leaks in the pipeline.

“They’re in our county, they’re people from our county and this will help take care of their water problem, I hope,” commissioner Dallas Laird said. “I’m sorry that it took this long.”

In addition to the funding from the county, commission chairman Steve Freel said the Edgerton city government is looking for grants that can be used in the project.

“This is hugely important to get fixed,” Freel said. “If that line goes down, it’s basically cutting two towns off from their access to water.”