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Iris Clubhouse expands access to care for people living with mental illness in Natrona County

(Iris Clubhouse)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Iris Clubhouse will be able to continue expanding its services to include support in the areas of employment, education, and health and wellness for adults living with a mental illness in Natrona County due in part to a grant received from the Wyoming Community Foundation.

The Iris Clubhouse is a nonprofit organization serving Natrona County with community mental health services. The Iris Clubhouse provides programming that helps people build their job skills, regain personal worth, and rejoin the community through employment or other important work. The funds received will strengthen the programming provided.

“When a person experiences the onset of a significant mental illness, they often lose their family, friends, and careers. A clubhouse is a place where people recover some of those losses,” said Dan Odell, the founding director.

The Iris Clubhouse’s programming has been positive to the community and the members that are served by the organization.

“Employment is a large piece of many people’s recovery. When a member is ready to reenter the wider community of work, it signifies an important shift in their recovery. And it will be a benefit to the economy of Casper,” Odell said.

Currently, 41% of active clubhouse members are employed, which is double the rate for people in the public mental health system.

To learn more about the Iris Clubhouse or to donate, visit www.irisclubhouse.org or contact Rebecca Reeves at 307-333-2507 or director@irisclubhouse.org.