File Photo; Oil City

CASPER, Wyo. — Two cannabis-based ballot initiatives that received enough voter signature support fell short of a second required threshold and will not make it onto Wyoming’s next ballot.

Wyoming NORML officially announced the status of its two cannabis-related ballot initiatives that were filed in late 2021 and their future going forward.

The Wyoming Patient Cannabis Act of 2022 ballot measure aims to legalize medical cannabis in the state, while the Wyoming Cannabis Amendments ballot measure decreased penalties for nonviolent cannabis offenses.

The required threshold of verified voter signatures each of these ballot measures needed to appear on the 2024 ballot was 41,776, the highest amount required in the state’s history.

As of March 2, the Wyoming Patient Cannabis Act of 2022 initiative has received 48,687 signatures from Wyoming voters and the Wyoming Cannabis Amendments initiative has received 47,426 signatures.

“Through all the turmoil and uncertainty surrounding these two initiatives, Wyoming voters showed their commitment to medical freedom and the right to try life-changing medications in our state. Our initiatives both received more signatures from voters than any other in history, and we are excited to
announce we have met the threshold requirement,” said Bennett Sondeno, Wyoming NORML executive

In addition to verified voter signatures, Wyoming also requires ballot initiatives receive 15% of those voting in the past general election in at least two-thirds of all the counties in the state.

Both initiatives received this 15% threshold in 14 out of the 16 required counties.

The successful counties for both initiatives were Campbell, Carbon, Fremont, Hot Springs, Laramie, Lincoln, Natrona, Park, Platte, Sheridan, Sublette, Sweetwater, Teton and Uinta.

With two counties missing the mark, the initiatives will be unable to proceed onto the ballot.

However, Wyoming NORML will continue to work with legislators over the upcoming legislative session to bring bills to the floor that utilize the language of each initiative.

Wyoming NORML is also looking toward future ballot initiatives when signature requirements will be lower and under the amount already achieved in this filing.