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Free two-day training for agencies handling domestic violence begins Tuesday


CASPER, Wyo. — The Natrona County Domestic Violence Prevention Coalition is holding a free two-day training for all agencies involved in domestic violence statewide, according to a release by the agency Monday.

The training begins Tuesday, March 15. See below for contact information.

“Our community has made strides but we have a long way to go as a community to hold domestic violence offenders accountable,” the release said.

Internationally renowned presenter and former probation officer Jim Henderson, currently the director of Offender Accountability for the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention and a private consultant, will be a featured presenter.

Topics include the pathology of offenders who strangle and the prevalence of repeated and continued offenses, according to Kristy Oster, community case manager at the Mercer Family Resource Center. The discussion will also focus on the lingering effects, including neurological damage, for victims of strangulation.

Other talks explore accountability in the criminal justice system and evidence-based approaches to correction. The final sessions will cover victim interviewing and the role of trauma and addiction in domestic violence.

The training will be held at the Natrona County Public Communication Center, housed at the NERD Gas Building at 441 Landmark Drive. Use the north entrance.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Kristy Oster at 315-4113.

The full agenda is below: