(File Photo; Trevor T. Trujillo, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Banner Wyoming Medical Center is reaching out to the young, talented minds of Natrona County elementary students for a fun opportunity. As the ambulance fleet is set to grow, students have the chance to influence the new ambulance’s design with their creative illustrations and essays.

Detailed Contest Rules:

  • Eligibility: The contest is specifically tailored for elementary school students residing in Natrona County.
  • Entry Forms: Participants can download and print a two-page entry form, which includes the ambulance template and an essay form. Alternatively, printed copies are available upon request at 307-577-2410.
  • Design and Describe: Entrants are to illustrate their favorite Wyoming-native animal on the ambulance template. This should be accompanied by an essay explaining the animal’s significance and why it should be inducted into the ambulance herd. The entry form, located at the essay template’s bottom, should be filled out comprehensively, ensuring a parent or legal guardian provides their signature.
  • Animal Criteria: All illustrations must focus on animals indigenous to Wyoming. Domesticated creatures such as pets and livestock are excluded. Moreover, submissions shouldn’t feature animals previously depicted on Wyoming Medical Center ambulances. Specifically, designs including grizzly bears, elk, bison, moose, mountain lions, horses, trout and black-footed ferrets are already part of the herd.
  • Submission Deadline: To be considered, all entries — consisting of the animal design, essay, and the duly signed entry form — must be submitted by Sept. 30. Participants should follow the form’s instructions for submission closely.
  • Selection Process: A dedicated committee will review all entries and shortlist 10 finalists. Decisions made by the committee will be final and binding. These top 10 entries will subsequently be showcased on the Banner Wyoming Medical Center’s Facebook page for wider visibility.
  • Winner Declaration: The winning design will be determined through a popular vote in October. Participants and supporters should stay updated via the Banner Wyoming Medical Center’s Facebook page. In scenarios where two or more entries garner equal votes, the committee will have the final say in determining the victor.
  • Prize: The ambulance will be adorned with a photograph resembling the winning animal illustration. Furthermore, the winner’s original illustration and essay will be integrated into the ambulance’s overall design. To commemorate this achievement, a special unveiling ceremony will be organized later in the year, with the winner being the guest of honor.

Contest rules can be found here. For questions or for those needing printed contest forms, call 307-577-2410.