CASPER, Wyo. — The Casper City Council authorized the purchase of 120 computers valued at $168,000 during its meeting on Sept. 19. The decision comes as part of the city’s ongoing effort to refresh a quarter of its computer systems annually, ensuring up-to-date security and compatibility with emerging technologies, according to a memo prepared for the City Council.

Currently, the city oversees nearly 470 desktop and laptop computer systems utilized for routine operations, excluding police patrol units. This latest authorization aims to prevent the failure of antiquated systems and maintain the capacity to implement security updates.

A notable change this year is the centralization of computer procurement. In previous years departments would order and pay for their systems from within their respective budgets.

The computers will be sourced from Computer Professionals Unlimited, a vendor that has an agreement with the State of Wyoming to provide HP computer equipment. The entirety of the $168,000 expenditure is accounted for in the Information Technology FY24 operating budget, with the funds set aside for this specific initiative.

The memo for the City Council can be found below.