EVANSVILLE, Wyo. — Evansville residents may soon be paying less for animal control services, as the Evansville Town Council discussed possibly changing rates to be more in line with neighboring municipalities on Monday.

“This came about because all the municipalities in the county agreed to work together to get our fees in line so that it gets more cohesive across the county,” Mayor Chad Edwards explained.

When looking at the fees associated with the town’s animal control operations, Edwards said he discovered some sizable discrepancies between what Evansville and Casper residents paid for the same service. In Evansville, people must currently pay $200 for relinquishing fees. In Casper, the relinquishing fee is just $60.

“This is something that should be changed, just for the well-being of the animals,” Edwards said. “We don’t want someone to not be able to afford that fee.”

While the Town Council agreed with lowering certain fees to match Casper, members said fees that are already lower than in neighboring cities should be kept as is. Among them is the annual registration fee, which is $20 in Casper and $10 in Evansville.

“We have a very high registration rate here in town, which we love to see,” the mayor said after the meeting. “I think our low cost is why it is such a high rate.”

Another alteration discussed was potentially waiving spay and neuter fees if the pet owner also gets their animal chipped. Edwards said Casper currently waives the fee for people who chip their animals.

Animal control in Evansville is currently overseen by an animal control officer who serves in the Evansville Police Department.

Edwards said the Town Council can adjust its fees at a future meeting by way of a resolution.