Public Comment closes on Animal Care and Control ordinance, council to consider at Nov. 27th meeting

Courtesy of the City of Casper YouTube Channel

The City of Casper has announced that public comment period has closed for consideration on a Animal Care and Control Ordinance.

At their October 23, 2018 work session, the Casper City Council began the process of considering changes to the current ordinance. On October 24, Council opened a special page on the City’s website for public comment. That public comment period is now closed.

“Citizens are welcome to continue to contact their City Council representatives and to speak at Council meetings, including upcoming public hearings,” explained City Manager Carter Napier.

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City Council will consider the proposed ordinance and public comments at its November 27, 2018 work session.

“The updated ordinance will then go to a public hearing during a regular Council meeting,” continued Napier. “Depending on the results of the public hearing, Council may take the ordinance back to a work session for further adjustments, or it could be scheduled to go through the usual public hearing process for ordinances in front of the Council.”