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Wyoming to increase female black bear hunting limits in some areas


CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission have approved several changes to black bear hunting rules in the state.

“Chapter 3, black bear hunting seasons for 2020-2022 seasons, was approved with an increase to female mortality limits in certain hunt areas, bolstering hunter opportunity,” the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said on Friday, Jan. 17.

Another new rule includes “a requirement for a person to meet provisions to have preference to register the same bait site for the immediately following year.”

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Individuals will also be allowed to use their sportsperson identification number “to properly identify their bear bait container.”

The new regulations also aim to provide “clarity regarding the registration and reporting periods for black bear harvests,” Game and Fish adds.

The department adds that the commission also approved sage grouse and pygmy rabbit “translocation to other states” during their January meeting in Cheyenne.

“In continued partnership with the State of North Dakota, the Commission approved a request to translocate sage grouse,” the release states. “Additionally, the Commission approved a request by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to translocate pygmy rabbits to Washington state.”

Other topics such as employee housing were discussed.

“In the meeting, the Commission was presented with location options and approximate costs for different types of housing structures for department employee housing in Jackson,” Game and Fish continues. “The Commission directed the department to bring forward specific costs options for state constructed employee housing on Commission owned lands. They also asked the department to continue collaboration with other state agencies and identified partners for joint housing solutions. “

“Game and Fish provided an update on the progress to construct a new Cody regional office. This month the department will meet with the selected architectural firm, Plan One, to begin the design process for a facility that will best serve citizens and wildlife in the Bighorn Basin.”

Shed antlers and horns collection rules were also revised. Collection in the Platte Valley area will be closed.

“The Commission also approved changing the opening date and start time for the shed hunting season to begin at 12 noon on May 1,” Game and Gish adds. “Chapter 32, regulation governing firearm cartridges and archery equipment, was revised pertaining to legal bullet requirements. The revised regulations are online.

“The Commission heard an informational presentation on invasive annual grasses from Game and Fish habitat experts. Non-native annual grasses like cheatgrass, ventenata and medusahead pose a threat to important habitats, like the sagebrush ecosystem, that are important to wildlife. The department has developed a multi-tool strategy to address the threat of non-native invasive annual grasses. The effort will integrate with the Governor’s Task Force on Invasives.”