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Lost moose captured in Laramie neighborhood dies after attempted relocation

A Wyoming Game and Fish calm a sedated moose before transferring it to a waiting trailer in a Laramie neighborhood on Wednesday, April 29. The moose later died while in transit back to a mountain range. (Laramie Police Department via Facebook)

A young bull moose that was captured after wandering through Laramie neighborhoods on Wednesday afternoon died during an attempted relocation.

Videos posted by the Laramie Police Department’s Facebook page on Wednesday show Wyoming Game and Fish officials calming and preparing the moose for transit.

According to Wyoming Game and Fish information specialist Robin Kepple, the animal showed signs of severe stress after getting lost in neighborhoods.

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“When they arrived, the moose had already been run around town quite a bit,” she said. “They get down into town, they get nervous and panic, and it was very stressed.”

The moose was sedated with a tranquilizer dart before G&F wardens could approach it.

“Moose can be dangerous, and a person can get hurt. Usually when we relocate them it’s for their own best interest. They can get struck by a car, attacked by a dog, any number of things,” said Kepple.

A moose is cooled down with water after being sedated and captured in a Laramie neighborhood on Wednesday evening. The young bull moose later died. (Laramie Police Department via Facebook)

“The majority of animals we relocate survive, but occasionally for whatever reason one won’t make it, and that unfortunately was the case this time.”

The bull likely ended up in town by following a stream or creek into town from one of Laramie’s mountain ranges, she said.

“A lot of times the younger animals might be venturing out on their own for the first time and they’ll wander into town and get lost,” said Kepple.

“It’s really unfortunate that this one didn’t survive, but we take every precaution to help them,” she said.

Kepple says the moose is undergoing a necropsy today to determine the cause of death.