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Wyo. G&F: Mountain lion spotted near Elkhorn Creek in Natrona County


CASPER, Wyo. —  A mountain lion that was reported by Natrona County residents in the Elkhorn Creek area of Casper, and was later spotted by Wyoming Game and Fish biologists, managed to flee the scene before being captured.

Officials with Wyoming Game and Fish say that the mountain lion spotted in a residential area near the Elkhorn Creek drainage has likely returned to its natural habitiat.

“When our biologists got there to immobilize him and relocate him he ran off and headed back into Elkhorn, and he’s gone,” Game and Fish spokesperson Janet Milek. “They’ve searched the area and can’t seem to locate him, so all is clear.”

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Milek advises that while Game and Fish doesn’t believe the sighting is anything residents should be concerned about, but did say that people might want to bring pets inside at night, as a precautionary measure.

“It’s just a smart move. I would assume he’s long gone. But just in case he’s down and comes back in the evenings, there’s no reason to throw caution to the wind. You might as well be smart about the situation and keep pets inside at night,” Milek said.

Typically Wyoming Game and Fish use drugs, like tranquilizers, that puts wild animals to sleep so they can be relocated.

“We find some place long away from people, and release them into their natural habitat.”

Milek went on to say that wild animal sightings in the area are not uncommon, and that the Elkhorn Creek drainage is a natural corridor for wildlife.

Residents who see wild animals that might be a danger to the community are invited to call Wyoming Game and Fish or local law enforcement to make a report.