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Hunters who share how their Wyoming hunts went have chance to win prizes

Students from Centennial Elementary School quietly sneak up on a fake deer during a field test for a hunting training class at a Wyoming Outdoor Expo at the Casper Events Center. Students used inert rifles and shotguns to “hunt” animal dummies placed along a trail behind the Events Center. (Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is asking hunters to share how their Wyoming hunts went this year.

Hunters are asked to complete surveys to gather information about their harvests as well as other feedback about the 2020 hunting season. Game and Fish says that hunters will receive harvest surveys via email or via traditional mail.

“This harvest survey is the best way to gather large amounts of data from the public,” Game and Fish Harvest Supervisor Emily Gates said in the department’s Monday release. “We use the responses to estimate harvest, hunter success and hunter effort.”

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“Hunter feedback is important information and is a valuable tool for monitoring populations, setting future quotas, season dates and other regulations. We appreciate every response.”

Game and Fish says that there is a large volume of antelope, deer, elk, small game, upland game bird and migratory game bird license holders. Therefore, they are sending surveys to a random sampling of these license holders and not all will receive a survey.

“However, all license holders for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, black bear, mountain lion, gray wolf, fall wild turkey, spring wild turkey, furbearer, sandhill crane and light goose conservation order are included in the survey process,” Game and Fish said.

Antelope, deer and elk hunters who receive and complete surveys will be entered into a drawing to win some donated prizes. Game and Fish said that the following organizations have donated prizes: 

  • Hi Mountain Jerky
  • Huntin’ Fool
  • JAX Outdoor Gear
  • King’s Camo
  • Maven Optics
  • Montana Decoy
  • Mule Deer Foundation
  • Muley Fanatic Foundation
  • National Bowhunter Education Foundation
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • onX Hunt
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Stone Glacier Hunting Backpacks
  • West Laramie Fly Store
  • Wild Sheep Foundation

“To be eligible for prizes, hunters who are selected for a survey must submit responses by Jan. 7 for antelope, Jan. 28 for deer and Feb. 4 for elk,” Game and Fish said.

Gates said it is not required that hunters fill out the surveys, but that the information is important for Game and Fish.  

“If you get a survey, it’s important to fill it out, even if you didn’t hunt or harvest,” she said.

Game and Fish also ask hunters to provide their e-mail address when they purchase a hunting license.

“Sending hunter surveys through e-mail is more cost-effective,” Gates said. “We survey approximately 100,000 hunting license holders annually, so hunters who provide an e-mail address and complete their surveys online help us reduce costs, by at least $2.50 per response.”

Game and Fish said that some hunters may receive surveys before the season ends. However, hunters are asked to wait to complete the surveys until they finish hunting.

“The  antelope, deer and elk surveys are conducted by Tetra Tech, the survey research firm that won the competitive bid to conduct these large volume surveys,” Game and Fish add. “Hunters who have questions about the antelope, deer and elk surveys can contact Tetra Tech’s survey team directly at 1-800-216-0477. For all harvest surveys, hunters can also contact Emily Gates, harvest survey coordinator, for assistance at (307) 777-4567.”