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Wyoming’s Alyssa Carpenter Brings Her Film to Casper; Benefits CAP (VIDEO)

The film is produced by, written by, and stars area native Alyssa Carpenter.

Courtesy facebook.com/MahjongAndTheWest

When Maddy returns to Wyoming to bury her mother, she reunites with her childhood friend, a hard-living rodeo princess, who forces her to confront a shared trauma from their past. Kate, a hard-living rodeo princess who runs from her demons, takes Maddy with her on a kamikaze course of booze, thrills and comforts with two local bull riders. But both soon realize that their reunion will force them to confront their shared trauma and either make peace with it or die trying.

That’s the simple description from the film Mahjong and the West, a film written and featuring area local Alyssa Carpenter. The film has made its way to various digital streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime, but Mahjong and the West will be getting the auditorium treatment for a special screening in Casper on Thursday, July 6th, at 7:00 pm.

Tickets are $10 and will be on sale at the door. The screening is being held at Durham Hall; 125 College Dr. Casper, WY.

Mahjong and the West was shot in and around Jackson Hole. The film features local talent and recognizable locations including the Jackson Hole Rodeo.

The movie premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival and went on to play at other festivals including the Green Bay Film Festival where it won Best Screenplay and was nominated for Best Cinematography. It has since screened in New York and Los Angeles, raising awareness and funds for child abuse prevention organizations.

Profits from this screening will go to benefit the Children’s Advocacy Project in Casper, also known by the acronym “CAP.”

A live Q&A with writer, producer, and actress Alyssa Carpenter will follow.