Wyoming author Craig Johnson teases new Longmire mystery


Author Craig Johnson teased the latest mystery in the Wyoming-set Walt Longmire series, over the weekend.

According to Johnson’s twitter account, a new Walt Longmire mystery will be sent to the publisher this week. The tweet shows a close-up image of an eye, likely belonging to a wolf. The mystery’s title is also given as “Land of Wolves,” and is announced as having a September 2019 release date.

The Longmire series of books dates back to the character’s first appearance in 2004’s Cold Dish, and follows a college football player turned Wyoming Sheriff, who works out of the fictional Absoroka County. Longmire has appeared in 20 books, the most recent being Depth of Winter, which was released in September of 2018.

The mystery book series was also adapted into a television series that ran on AMC and, later, Netflix. Australian actor Robert Taylor played role of Longmire for the series, with New Mexico locations filling in for the Wyoming backdrop. The television series ran for six seasons.

Johnson’s books and the Longmire series have also prompted a yearly gathering in the Buffalo area, near where Johnson is headquartered, and the best real-world analog for Absoroka County. This year’s Longmire days is scheduled for July 18th-21st.