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First visit, then remember the Alamo: Casper Children’s Chorale to sing in San Antonio [PHOTOS]

The Casper Children’s Chorale announced that it will travel to San Antonio, Texas to compete in a Heritage Music Festival April 4-7.

Chorale Director Marcia Patton said that in addition to several chorale performances, the children will visit the Alamo, a famous fort and battle site during Texas’ 1830’s war for independence from Mexico.

Patton said that the Children’s Chorale travels out of state every other year for performances. They went to Chicago two years ago and selected the Heritage Music Festival in San Antonio as their 2019 destination.

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(Photo Courtesy of Casper Children’s Chorale)

“It’s a great city to go to because of the Alamo which kids don’t know about,” Patton said.

Patton said she tries to select destinations that will give students new experiences. She said that the new Children’s Chorus of San Antonio Director Ryan Garrison is a Cheyenne native. She said the Casper Children’s Chorale will begin their trip with an exchange rehearsal with Garrison on Thursday, April 4.

After visiting SeaWorld on Friday, the chorale will meet up with Trinity University Director of Choral Activities Dr. Gary Seighman for a one on one rehearsal session.

The chorale will then perform in the Heritage Music Festival on Saturday. Three judges will score their performance. Patton said the chorale will perform “Lascia Ch’io Tianga,” a Baroque style piece by Handel, “Brightest and Best,” a song from an 1835 Southern hymnal book, “I’m Goin’ Up a-Yonder”, a spiritual piece, before finishing with “Rag-Time Cowboy Joe.”

(Photo Courtesy of Casper Children’s Chorale)

Patton explained that the Children’s Chorale always closes their competition performances with their rendition of “Rag-time Cowboy Joe.”

There will be about nine or ten chorales competing in the Heritage Music Festival, according to Patton. She said the Chorale has had a lot of success at competitions in the past.

“We’ll see if we get any awards,” she said. “We’ve always been lucky to get the awards we have.”

Patton said the Children’s Chorale has received awards in most of the competitions they have traveled to with the exception of a previous trip to Vancouver, British Columbia.

The choir director expressed gratitude for the community’s support of the Children’s Chorale.

“Casper has been so good about supporting us,” she said. “This is our 40th year in Casper. Overall, I’m just always amazed at the support we get.”

(Photo Courtesy of Casper Children’s Chorale)

Patton explained that the Children’s Chorale raises funds through an annual December raffle to support their activities. She said there are other channels of support as well.

The McMurry foundation provides funding for the Children’s Chorale’s bus trips to and from the Denver Airport, something Patton said costs around $8,000.

Patton added that she’s also grateful for the City Council’s support via Community Promotions funding. Council awarded Casper Children’s Chorale $303.95 for their 40th Annual Mother’s Day Concert during the Feb. 19 Council meeting.

Upon returning to Casper, Patton said the Children’s Chorale will prepare for its “Friends of Chorale” evening in late April.